Monday, March 10, 2008

More Headshots of Carol!

Please enjoy these lovely professional shots of Carol:

Pictures from the Color Purple Preview in LA

Here is a set of photos from Carol's appearance with a Dr. Phil look-a-like at the Color Purple Preview in LA, June, 2007.


What Can You Expect From A Professional Look-A-Like?

What can you expect from THIS look-a-like? Professionalism, grace, attention to detail and above all, outstanding customer service for my clients. Hi! I'm Carol. I'm an Oprah Look-A-Like living in Tarzana, California. I started in the Look-A-Like Industry in early 2007. I'd like to welcome you to my blog and hope that you'll return often.

My forte as Oprah are the following: meet and greet, red carpet, hosting, photo opportunities, surprises, special announcements and most importantly, I donate my time to worthy charitable organizations, especially those involving children. Please write for availability.

Below is my bio, I thought I'd give you a little insight as to who I am:

Coming from African and Asian decent, Carol grew up within the Chinatown and Mission district areas of San Francisco. It was there she had many occasions to experience several diverse cultures.

Carol spent many years in the corporate world, but recent changes in her life have now given her the opportunity to pursue or continue her childhood desire to assisting others, working as a Look-A-Like, acting and modeling.

After years of being told she resembled Oprah Winfrey (on a daily basis), Carol decided to enter into the world of the Look-A-Like industry. Through the many stories of dedication and experiences she gathered from various Look-A-Likes, she has been able to do what she does best --make people smile and assist them in seeking their own dream.

What a gift it has been to be able to do so. Carol says, "My motivation is the job of life and my passion is the friendship of people. My name is Carol Woodle and I am an Oprah Look-A-Like."

A little-known fact about Carol is that at one point in her life she was literally homeless. Facing adversity of the greatest kind, she and her children lived in her van. Through her Oprah-esque appearance, she has managed to positively influence others and extend herself to many that are influenced by the most giving woman of our time.


Thank you for visiting and please send all booking inquiries to my manager, Norma Jean Riddick: